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Growing cybercrime threatens every business today. Juniper Research estimates that the total global cost of cybercrime will exceed $2 trillion by 2019, and the CEO of IBM describes cybercrime as “The greatest threat to every company in the world.”

Been victimized by an attack?

Need to comply with regulatory mandates?

Replacing an existing solution?

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Artic Wolf Networks

Managed Security Made Accessable

The managed security operations center (SOC), such as those provided by Arctic Wolf Networks (AWN), is a premium service and more than managed security incident and event monitoring (SIEM). Managed SOC ensures organizations that face the dilemma of a lack of qualified staff have 24/7 monitoring, investigation, and remediation of threats, freeing the company to focus on their core competencies.

Use Arctic Wolf to:

Improve threat detection by 10x, with 5x fewer false positives

  • Ransomware attacks

  • Phishing campaigns

  • Brute-force attacks

  • DDoS attacks

  • Data breaches

Replace existing SIEMs and SOCs at a fraction of the cost

• Prevent expensive installation and upgrade costs

• Avoid ongoing cost of security analyst headcount

Meet compliance and reporting mandates

• Provide visibility into logs and security data

• Meet obligations for active monitoring, security strategies

Arctic Wolf protects from today’s advanced cyberthreats.

The following case studies demonstrate the value of Arctic Wolf across industry’s.


Network security & compliance in financial institutions
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The Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements for merchants and financial institutions, Artic Wolf provides compliance  with 360-degree visibility into anomalous activities across on- premises and online operations.


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Cybercriminals have rapidly acquired new cyber weapons and modified the ways they launch cyberattacks. Today’s attackers are far more sophisticated, and capable of exploiting weaknesses at previously unseen speed and scale.


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Arctic Wolf’s security experts monitor your networks 24×7 and flag security incidents only when they matter, allowing your IT team to focus more energy on what matters. On top of the tremendous cost benefits, Arctic Wolf provides better visibility and compliance across all your locations.


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Arctic Wolf’s turnkey SOC-as-a-service provides us with advanced threat detection and response capabilities at a fraction of what it would cost to do it ourselves. AWN CyberSOC’s Concierge Security™ model works perfectly for our IT team, which previously had no dedicated security resources.


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Law firms are prime targets of cybercriminals in today’s hyperconnected world. As a result, law firms are expected to implement effective security controls around information relating to clients, investigators, and witnesses as part of their daily operations.

Advantages of the Managed SOC

Recognizing this reality, forward-thinking companies like Hornblower seek the advantages of engaging an SOC as a service, which offers cloud-based security incident and event management (SIEM) partnered with a team of expert security engineers to provide both operations support, incident analysis, and response.

Budgetary constraints mean that perimeter and endpoint defenses are monitored by an extremely lean IT staff whose expertise in networking and telecom more than ensured day- to-day operations run smoothly, but leave gaps in security defenses.

Some of the benefits Arctic Wolf Networks’ managed SOC service provides include:

Rapid Time to Value

In implementing security operations as a service, a company realizes value from day one of the purchase and has the advantage of itemizing the service as a monthly cost rather than financing a capital technology project. In many cases, the cost of outsourcing is less than the yearly salary of a full-time security engineer.


With cloud-based technology and access to a global talent pool, a partner can help quickly scale operations as your business grows to gain end-to-end visibility into your company’s security posture and defend against and prevent breaches. Organizations gain capabilities in vulnerability assessment, threat hunting, and security data triage.

Reduced Complexity

With security operations technology based in the cloud, businesses avoid costly maintenance and infrastructure, disruptive upgrades required of on-premises software, and reduce the complexity of managing a SIEM support infrastructure internally. The SOC and threat intelligence is always updated and current so customers can focus on their core business.

Strategic Priorities

The SOC as a service engineers, operators, and analysts weed through thousands of alerts, tuning the systems to reduce noise volumes from false alerts. They only engage client resources to events that require attention, providing the IT department time to focus on the business’s strategic priorities.

Incident Detection and Response

What happens during an IDR event?

  • Our cloud-based SIEM detects a potential alert
  • Our expert security analyst removes false alarms and identifies real threats
  • Our expert then contacts your IT team, either in-house or at your MSP, and gives detailed instructions on how to respond to the threat
  • Your IT team contains the attack and remediates the damage

AWN CyberSOC™ Solution

A security service that deploys in 60 minutes, and includes:
  • A named security team that will customize security policies for each of your customers
  • A scalable cloud-based SOC platform that monitors over 5 billion events/day, while reducing them to a handful of actionable incidents/week
  • Advanced threat detection capabilities, which include global threat intelligence, machine learning, behavior analytics and human expertise/intuition
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Replacing an Existing Solution?

Some companies have already taken a step toward implementing a SIEM or SOC but have found their existing solution unsatisfactory: the tools are too expensive, the company lacks skilled security staff to manage it, or their tools produce too many false-positive alerts and not enough actionable information.

These companies want a scalable solution that is managed by skilled experts. Arctic Wolf’s predictable pricing and named Concierge Security ™ team (CST) and full security staff delivers the outcome customers want. We answer the question “Are we secure?” with an emphatic “Yes!” and without the cost, headaches and uncertainty of their prior services.

AWN CyberSOC™ service is a subscription, which is typically less than the cost of hiring a skilled security engineer for your IT staff.

Security is a journey, not a destination. Most companies are at some point along this security journey, and may have also implemented solutions from earlier stages. But unless they have a managed SOC, with a dedicated security expert monitoring their net- work and system activity, they have not reached the SOC stage of the journey and could benefit from the AWN CyberSOC™ service offering.

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