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Fire Eye is a trusted cyber security leader that delivers proven protection before, during and after advanced attacks. FireEye protects both large and small organizations committed to stopping advanced cyber threats, data breaches, and zero-day attacks. Organizations across various industries trust FireEye to secure their critical infrastructure and valuable assets, protect intellectual property and avoid bad press, costly fixes, and downtime. 

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EPC USA is your local authorized FireEye sales representative and we are ready to help. We offer live product demos that prove, in real-time, just how effective our full-line of FireEye products will be at defending your network and securing your data and email communications. Call today, or complete the form to have EPC USA contact you with specialized solutions and to set up a live demonstration.

  • Adaptive Defense

    - Technology. Intelligence. Expertise.
  • Network Security

    - Combat web-based cyber attacks
  • Email Security

    - Identify, analyze and block email attacks
  • Content Security

    - Combat malware in data centers and file servers
  • FireEye as a Service

    - Security managed by you, with you or for you
  • Enterprise Forensics

    - Actionable intelligence to imporve incident response
  • Endpoint Forensics

    - Perform fast, targeted investigations across thousands of endpoints
  • Endpoint Security

    - Remotely detect and investigate cyber attacks on endpoints across the enterprise
  • Malware Analysis

    - Safely execute and inspect malware in a secure environment
  • Mobile Security

    - Detect and prevent spying, profiling and cyber attacks leveraging mobile devices
  • Threat Analytics Platform

    - Identify threats and improve response in real time
  • Central Management

    - Unify device and intelligence management while correlating across attack vectors
  • Threat Intelligence

    - Intelligence to identify, block and respond to attacks

The proof is in the demo.

Contact EPC USA Inc. to schedule a demo integration of Fire Eye’s solutions to prove just how effective it will be within your environment. The solution to your problem exists, you just have to see it for yourself. Request your demo today.

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