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The Gigamon Solution


The Gigamon Solution includes hardware and software applications that provide intelligent network traffic visibility across on-premises, virtual and cloud environments.

Cyber Security Simplified

With today’s alarmingly frequent, increasingly innovative and well-organized cyber threats, it is no longer sufficient to only focus on the security tools and applications exclusively. Understanding how these technologies can be deployed to effectively obtain consistent, granular access to relevant network data is a critical part of the solution. Gigamon’s enterprise-level Security Delivery Platform provides this essential pervasive visibility and is integral to any cyber security strategy.

Gigamon’s Solutions

  • Simplifies, consolidates and optimizes traffic delivery
  • Enhances effectiveness and scale of existing security tools
  • Exposes hidden potential threats within encrypted traffic
  • Expedites threat response and mitigation
Gigamon Boxes

Gigamon Deployment by Industry

Gigamon’s solution has been deployed at many of the world’s leading organizations.

Security Through Data Visibility

Common Data Visibility Problems:

  • Increasing multi-vector, advanced threats
  • Security tools unable to scale to see all traffic-of-interest
  • Coordination between security and network teams

Traditional defenses are increasingly ineffective and hampered by limited visibility into network traffic, extraordinary costs and reliance on manual processes to address incidents.

The GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform — threats are more visible across cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments, resources can be deployed faster and security tools perform at higher levels.

Gain visibility into your traffic,


if you can’t see it, you can’t secure it.


GigaSECURE® is purpose-built to reduce architectural complexity, stop tool sprawl and contain costs. Deliver relevant network data to downstream inline threat prevention tools at the rate they can consume.

Gigamon’s Visibility Fabric

The Visibility Fabric™ architecture is an innovative approach that delivers pervasive and dynamic traffic visibility from across the physical and virtual network environments to centralized tools that manage, analyze and secure the network.

The proof is in the demo.

Contact EPC USA Inc. to schedule a demo integration of Gigamon’s solutions to prove just how effective it will be within your environment. The solution to your problem exists, you just have to see it for yourself. Request your demo today.

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Gigamon Visibility Fabric

Visibility Appliances

The distributed nature of today’s infrastructure has made it more challenging to obtain visibility into data in motion in locations beyond the traditional data center, especially at remote sites. Visibility at such locations is required in order to meet the data security needs at  enterprises and service assurance needs for service providers.
Gigamon visibility products are the solution, see the product comparison for details.

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